LËQUIP Near Infrared Dehydrator – IRD5


Innovative design and outstanding performance. NIR penetrates into the food and dries from the inside. Experience more abundance of nutrients.

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WHY choose the new IRD5?IR-D5-Intro-6

  1. Design
    – Luxurious design suits all kitchens
  2. Faster & Richer Nutrients
    – Enjoy your dried food on the same day
  3. Ideal Heating Method
    – Near Infrared Lamp + Heater
  4. New Technology
    – Innovation
  5. User Friendly
    – Convenient


  • Powerful drying performance
  • NIR penetrates into the food and dries from the inside
  • Experience more abundance of nutrients with IR D5
  • The food are dried as it has been dried under the sun
  • Uniform drying maximizes the texture of food
  • Selected when the food has to be dried with controlled heat air circulation
  • User can easily select the dehydrating mode, time and temperature.


  • IR D5 provides perfect environment to make ferments and cultured food
  • Fermented food are rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • No longer requires the proof box to raise dough, IR does it all
  • Humid environment could be provided by the drop tray with pan of water at the bottom of the dehydrator

Air Circulation

  • Emit moist air and circulate the remaining air, maximizing the dehydration efficiency
  • Reduced the average dehydration time by 20% than the previous models
  • With the new technology inside, the temperature is maintained uniformly
  • Tray rotation not required

Air FiltrationIR-D5-Intro-18

  • Easy to open the filter cover to wash or replace the filter
  • Innovative air filtration system prevents any harmful substances flowing in

Low Noise level

  • Average noise level below 45dB
  • Noise Reference
    Living noise level : 40dB
    Conversation : 50dB
    Listening to music : 85dB
    Jet engine : 150dB


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 400 x 463 x 282 cm


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