Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract – 500ml



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Koreneiki Olive Leaf Extract
Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract is 100 percent Australian Made and Owned! Only the Freshest Leaves and Naturally derived ingredients are used. Each batch is independently tested to ensure each bottle has high levels of Oleuropein!

What is Oleuropein and why is it so important?

Oleuropein is the natural chemical compound found in the leaves of olive trees. It is the main active ingredient inside olive leaf extract and responsible for a variety of benefits listed below.


What are the key benefits associated with Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract?

  • TGA Accredited

    • For the symptomatic relief of sore throat
    • Immune System Support, helping to reduce the severity and duration of cold and seasonal ‘flu
    • Improve Cardiac and Circulatory Health Maintenance
    • Increase and maintain high energy levels
    • Daily strength and vitality
    • Digestive Health
  • Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract May Also:

    • Help reduce joint inflammation associated with Arthritis and Gout
    • Assist in the management of sore throat
    • NO Artificial Flavours

    • NO Artificial Colours

    • NO Artificial Sweeteners

    • NO Alcohol

    • NO Gluten

    • NO Yeast

    • NO Honey

    • NO Added Sugars


How does Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract differ to others on the market?

From customer feedback, we note that many of the other extracts on the market have a bitter taste and thicker syrup. What you will find with our extract is that it has a pleasant flavour and is of a lighter colour, which is inherent of the natural manufacturing process that we adhere too.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 18 x 6 x 26 cm


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