Aromatherapy Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser with Music and LED Light - Small

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Relax and rejuvenate with Green Shop's Aromatherapy Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser. Now more than ever, balance, rest & relaxation is a top priority. This is where our Aromatherapy Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser comes in to help you restore and re-energise.    Create a calming and fragrant ambience with our new Essential Oil Diffuser. It's the perfect addition to every home as it creates a calming and relaxing ambience.

Benefits & Features:
1) 1 x Aromatherapy Device with Remote
2) Improves Air Quality 
3) Premium Quality Materials 
4) A Perfect Gift Idea for everyone 
5) Practical and Great for every home
6) Comes in Small and Large Size
7) Features Music, Sound & LED Lights 
8) 7 x Coloured Lights  - Colour changing is smooth with gentle transitions or just set it to one fixed colour of your choice.
9) Adjustable Brightness 
10)   Low energy consumption
11) Helps lifts moods, improve sleep quality.

Product Specifications:

Package Contents:
1) 1 x Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote
2) 1 x Power cord
3) 1 x Measuring Cup 
4) 1 x User Manual 

This device performs as an aromatherapy, purifier and night light. The resulting mist is then carried to the top where it absorbs the essential oils to purify the air and remove unwanted odours. At the same time, you experienced a scented aroma to calm and revitalize your body. You can also set the mood with its changing 7-colour LED light to give you soothing hues all through the day or night.

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