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Finally, a detox program with a difference - where you don't feel deprived, you'll never go hungry, and can even have dessert. Australians are famous for their sunkissed athletic physiques, and now Saimaa Miller, one of Australia's most respected naturopaths, has written a guide to getting the Aussie body you've always dreamed of. Australia is blessed with an abundance of good food, sunlight and beautiful natural surrounds, and simply making the most of these advantages is the key to good health. In Aussie Body Diet and Detox Plan you'll discover the seven secrets to optimum health, learn which type of detoxer you are, and be able to devise the program that's right for you, with tips for good health from Saimaa's celebrity clients to encourage you. All accompanied by recipes so delicious, you'll hardly believe you're on a detox. In just fourteen days you'll detox your system, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. With mouthwatering food you can serve to friends and family, tips on going out to eat and suggestions for simple changes you can make to get enough sunshine, exercise and relaxation, this isn't just another quick-fix diet book - -t's the first step to a whole new way of life.

Author Biography

Saimaa Miller is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and health coach. She completed her naturopathic training at Nature Care College in Sydney, receiving the Excellence in Nutrition Award upon graduation. Saimaa founded The Last Resort Organic Detox Spa in Bondi in January 2005. Her client base includes everyone from local and international celebrities and sportspeople to ordinary people seeking better health. Over the past eight years, thousands of people have consulted Saimaa for health advice and embarked on her nutritional and detox programs with life-changing results. Saimaa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Dan and their two children. Aussie Body Diet & Detox Plan is her first book.


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