Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet – Real Gold

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  • Revitalizes all the cells in your body (Far infrared effect)
  • Contributes to promoting blood circulation and metabolism (Negative ion effect)
  • Controls blood pressure and autonomic nerves (Extremely low undulating effect)

Made of Tourmaline

Unique gem stone, tourmaline is a birthstone of October together with opal. Its crystallization has a permanent electrode. This gem not only balance the ion content they also maintain the alkalinity of water and balance pH.

Energy Balance Bracelets

- Keep the negative and positive ions inside the body
- Capable of radiating far infra red rays
- These stones also can control blood pressure and autonomic nerves.

Effect Of Negative Ion

– When negative Ion contacts moisture, it discharges instantly. So water surrounding negative Ion be easily electrolyzed, Water molecule (H2O) be electrolyzed into hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxide ion(OH-) – At that time, hydrogen ion be pulled by – electrode (negative electrode), neutralized and become hydrogen gas after mixing with emitting electron, finally water be alkalized. – And Be stable as weak alkali state (ph7.5;best state for the human body)Also hydroxide ion be changed into hydro-kisil ion (negative ion; surface active material) by combination surrounding water molecule.

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