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More than 80% of food on supermarket shelves just wasn’t there before. Since the ‘low-fat’ food movement and clever marketing on packaging, we’ve been misled. As a result, we are overfed, undernourished, tired and overweight. So what is ‘real fit food’? Get maximum micro-nutrition which means you get the most amount of intelligence from food that fuels you. If you can grow it or kill it, you should eat it! And eat as close to nature as possible.

In her brilliant new book, bestselling author and ‘Fit Food Coach’, 
Andi Lew reveals more of her secrets on eating good fats that she’s been teaching her loyal fans and followers for over 13 years. Discover:
  • What fit food is
  • What labels mean
  • How good fats help weight loss
  • Which ice cream helps you lose weight
  • Sugar alternatives
  • The art of the modern squat
  • Functional training
Plus easy, fool-proof, delicious recipes as well as ice cream and chocolate that may help you stay lean and healthy. No more calorie counting! Time poor? Learn about the most effective types of exercises that get the results and can be done anywhere! Improve your posture with easy to do, scientific stretches and be your healthiest version of you.

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