Entertainment Reusable Bamboo 7 Piece Cutlery Pack 50 Sets

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Who says you can't entertain 50 guests and be eco friendly. Enjoy the Eco- Friendly Bamboo 300 piece Cutlery Set. Includes Reusable Bamboo utensils: Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks, Straw and Cleaning Brush 

This Package Includes: 
50 x Knives
50 x Forks
50 x Spoons
50 x Chopsticks
50 x Bamboo Straws
50 x Cleaning Brushes

Did you know that?
Bamboo is Super Strong, Fast Growing, a all natural grass that is as durable as wood. It is Durable, Reusable, Reliable, Resistant and Washable. Using bamboo is overall environmentally friendly. I mean aside from being one of the strongest materials on the planet. It has incredible flexible strength, making this cutlery set reliable and long lasting. The Bamboo Cutlery Set feels smooth and when you are using them the taste of wood doesn't hint into the flavour of your food. 

Maintenance and care:
Wash by hand.

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