Healthy Juice Pack

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This Pack is suitable for Revo 830 and 820

Pack Includes:

  • 1x Citrus Juicer attachment, choose your juicer model (value $59)
  • 1x Juice Fasting – A Foodies Guide (updated edition) (value $16.00)
  • 4x  Emotive Sports Glass Bottle  (value $59.95) 


Bottle Size and measurements

Mouth: 3.5cm
Bottom: 5.5cm
Height: 24cm
Size: 500ml


Citrus Squeeze Attachment

  • Available to extract all citrus fruits
    – Cone helps extract any size of citrus(lemon, orange, large grapefruit and etc.)
  • Easy to extract a lot of juice
    – Available to extract 800ml juice by once cutting in half without washing citrus fruits
  • Slow squeeze extraction system
    – Minimizes destruction of nutrients by using your Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer(50RPM-60RPM)
  • Easy to store juice in the fridge
    – Covered drum provides to store juice in the fridge very easily
  • Easy to clean
    – Simply clean by the running water


Book Description

7 DAYS, NOTHING BUT JUICE – what was I thinking?

Think you can’t go without food? Think you would die of hunger or from cravings?

Well, think again. In this easy, step-by-step guide, Julianne gives you all of the tools, delicious tasting recipes, and tips you need to succeed at fasting on nothing but juice – whether you decide to do just one day or complete the whole seven-day plan!

Julianne challenged herself to go without food for seven whole days and not only did she survive, her mind and body actually thrived!

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