Healthy Juicing Pack

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Citrus Juicer Model: B8000
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Pack Includes:

  • 1x Citrus Juicer attachment, choose your juicer model (value $49)
  • 1x Juice Fasting Book (value $15.95)
  • 1x Juice Chef Book (value $29.95)
  • 8x Emotive Sports Bottle (value $119)

Citrus Squeeze Attachment

  • Available to extract all citrus fruits
    – Cone helps extract any size of citrus(lemon, orange, large grapefruit and etc.)
  • Easy to extract a lot of juice
    – Available to extract 800ml juice by once cutting in half without washing citrus fruits
  • Slow squeeze extraction system
    – Minimizes destruction of nutrients by using your Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer(50RPM-60RPM)
  • Easy to store juice in the fridge
    – Covered drum provides to store juice in the fridge very easily
  • Easy to clean
    – Simply clean by the running water


Juice Fasting – A Foodies Guide (updated edition)

This easy, step-by-step guide gives you all of the tools and tips you need to succeed at fasting on nothing but juice – whether you decide to do it for one day or complete the whole 7-day program. Also includes; 21 delicious recipes in full colour, a shopping list, and a 7-day planner.

Published: March 2021
Author: Julianne Dowse
Pages: 110 soft cover

Juice Fasting A Foodies Guide Book Cover


Juice Chef – Juice Recipe Book

This book is more than just a juice recipe book. It contains vital information about the benefits of cold pressed juicing. It will also help you learn how to use juicing as a tool for good health and healing!


  • Section 1: Cold Press Juicing
  • Section 2: The 3-day juice cleansing program
  • Section 3: Cold Pressed Juice Recipes
  • Section 4: Going Further

Soft Cover: October 2020
Author: Gary Dowse
Pages: 202

Juice Chef - Cold Press Juice Recipe Book


500ml Emotive Sports Bottles – 8 pack

  • 2 x Today I Choose…Peace
  • 2 x Today I Choose…Joy
  • 2 x Today I Choose…Love
  • 2 x Today I Choose…Health

Made from borosilicate glass for hot and cold liquids.
Dishwasher Safe.

Mouth: 3.5cm
Bottom: 5.5cm
Height: 24cm
Size: 500ml

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