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Kuvings EVO810 Evolution Cold Press Juicer Hydration Pack

by Kuvings
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Color: Matt Gold

Kuvings EVO810 Evolution Cold Press Juicer With Cara Water Jug Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack Package includes: 

  • Kuvings EVO810 Juicer ($RRP829)
  • Cara Water Jug ($RRP50)
  • Cara Water Jug filter ($RRP99.95)
  • Cara 4-inch Ceramic Knife (RRP $19)
  • Rectangle Chopping Board (RRP $17)



The very latest model Kuvings cold press juicer has a neat design that fits anywhere in the kitchen and is slimmer than the EVO820 juicer. You can use the narrow kitchen space efficiently


  • Juice and Pulp Jugs
  • Pusher
  • Green and White Cleaning Brushes
  • Lid Opener
  • Juice Recipe Book

Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer EVO810

Key Features!

5th Generation Drum Set

  • The New 5th generation drum features a convenient & safe flap gate feeding chute as Kuvings has the original patent technology.
  • BPA Free

Dual Safety Lock

  • It works more safely by attaching a dual safety lock that works only when all parts such as the drum, lid, and screw are properly assembled

Power (Smart) Juice Cap

  • It helps to mix different ingredients to make a mixed juice.
  • Quick rinsing is possible

Powerful Motor

  • In order to stabilize the quality of the motor, which is a core part, it is produced in-house.
  • 240W motor features strong durability and works quietly.
  • 20 years warranty for domestic use, 5 years warranty for commercial use

Easy To Feed Without Needing To Push!

New Flip Gate Lid

  • The new 5th generation O shape flip gate is wider than the existing models for easier juicing and has only one feeding entrance making fast juicing possible.
  • The flip gate system is designed to prevent children’s small hands from entering the feeding chute, and it is a universal design that can be used conveniently and safely by everyone

82mm Wide Feeding Chute

  • The 82mm feeding chute, which is wider than the existing models can let putting larger ingredients without cutting, leading to fast juicing.
  • No need to cut fruits reduces the juicing & preparation time.


  • 5th generation maxi-strainer improves juice quality with little to no pulp in the juice.

Easy Washing Pulp Outlet

  • The upper part of the pulp outlet is opened, and the width is wider than the previous models letting fine residue be cleaned up easily


Safe And Secure Juicing Drum

Stronger Drum Lid

  • The upgraded Drum lid is improved by adding an assembling point from ‘3’ to ‘4’, letting the Drum set be assembled stronger & more stable.
  • By reinforcing the thickness of the drum, its durability has been stronger than the previous version.

Holder Shaft

  • As the 5th generation drum is reinforced, the shape of the holder shaft (the part that props screw) is also changed for smooth juicing.

Metal Clamps

  • The clamp that holds the drum from wobbling is also reinforced by strengthening the inner material to prevent it from wearing out


EVO810 Specifications

 Model  EVO810
 Use Domestic
 Colours Available Matt Rose Gold / Matt Gold
 Type Vertical low-speed masticating
 Speed 50 RPM
 Wattage 240W
 Voltage AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
 Dimensions 178(W) x 248(D) x 454(H)
 Weight 6.7kg
 Maximum Use 45 minutes continuous
 Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC


Kuvings Dealer Accredited



Cara Water Filter Jug 2.4L Features:

Pure Hydration Perfected: Cara's Advanced Alkaline Water Filter Unleashes the Crispness of Freshness and Purity.

Cara alkaline advanced water filter significantly improves The Taste of Water.

    CaraWater Filter Jug Benefits:

    • No Black Flakes
    • Includes 3 filters 
    • Advanced Flow Design
    • Higher Capacity Filter
    • Better For The Environment
    • Improved Taste
    • BPA Free
    • Activated Carbon Filter
    • Made with Coconut Carbon
    • Increased Capacity (2.4L)
    • Made in Korea


    Fitting Instructions

    1. Remove the old filter and discard.
    2. Before installing the new filter, remove it from the package and flush it with cold running tap water for 30 seconds.
    3. Insert the new filter into the reservoir, making sure it is aligned with the grooves.
    4. If the rate of water dripping slows during use, take out the filter and shake it 3 to 5 times before use.

    Recommended replacing the filter every 2 month


    Cara 4-inch Ceramic Knife

    This Cara Ceramic Knife does it all and will go together perfectly with your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer.


    This Cara Chef Ceramic Knife is perfect for your kitchen. This Ceramic Blade will glide through your food with ease, making your cooking more enjoyable as the light weight relieves strain from your shoulders and arms. The Cara Cutting Knife will not lose its sharpness as the ceramic material is the second hardest material next to diamonds. The Ceramic Chopping Knife will also prevent odours transferring between foods and keeps your kitchen clean and sanitary.


    • Made from Zirconium
    • Made from the second hardest material, keeping your knife sharp and will not wear out
    • Easy grip handle
    • Stops odours transferring from one food to another
    • Sanitary – much cleaner than your ordinary metal knife
    • Lightweight


    Rectangle Chopping Board 

    Benefits and Features:

    • Eco-friendly and anti-bacterial
    • Resists odours
    • Made from plastic containing natural-based Phytoncides that help to prevent bacteria growth
    • Contains a built-in clip 
    • Can be rolled up, flexible
    • Elasticity prevents blade scars and knife damage
    • Groove helps to contain leakage from foods
    • BPA Free. Dishwasher & microwave-safe

    Sterilize the board by simply rolling it up, securing it with the built-in clip, and placing it in the microwave for 30 seconds


    • Small: 300 x 200mm