Kyocera Knife and Wellos Chopping Board set - 3 Colours

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Knife Colour: Blue
Board Colour: Blue
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Choose your own colours!


  • Kyocera 14cm Ceramic Knife
  • Matching Wellos Boards 


A high-performance knife for everyday tasks like chopping herbs, dicing and slicing meats. Perfect for the home cook, this knife will be used daily, quickly becoming a favourite in the kitchen. Ideal for fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.


  • Ceramic blade made from zirconium oxide, crafted in Japan.
  • Stays sharper 10 times longer than steel
  • Lifetime free sharpening (conditions apply)
  • No metal ions transferred to food, therefore won't brown so quickly. 
  •  Will never brown foods. No metallic ions to transfer – won’t alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Will never rust. 
  • Ultra Lightweight: Perfectly balanced and light, reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks. 


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