Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges and 5+ Waradaa Australian Manuka Honey 85 MGO 500g Pack

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  • 1x 5+ Waradaa Australian Manuka Honey 85 MGO 500g
  • 1x Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges – 20 pack

Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges – 20 pack

Vabori Olive Leaf Lozenges are made with our Australian Fresh Leaf, Olive Leaf Extract, Australian Honey and Australian Eucalyptus!They are 100% Natural and perfect to use at any time during the day or night for a sore throat or just for a soothing effect whilst travelling.

  • Each pack contains 20 Lozenges individually wrapped

Why choose WARADAA Manuka Honey?

1. Direct from Beekeeper to consumer
2. 100% Manuka Honey—not blended
3. 100% Raw & Monofloral – Monofloral Manuka Honey is produced by bees who pre-dominantly collected nectar from the Manuka bush itself. To be called Monofloral, the honey must meet a higher level of two of the four naturally occurring markers and the meet the pollen test.
4. Disease and chemical free
5. Quality Assurance and Australian Made
6. Every batch certified and tested

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