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Still Cool Australian Spring Water 500ml - 12 Eco-Friendly Bottles Pack

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Our Water

Nestled in the heart of New South Wales, Kulnura is renowned for its pristine natural spring water, a hidden gem sourced directly from underground aquifers. Often hailed as one of Australia's purest water regions, Kulnura's reputation is built upon the exceptional quality of its natural spring water.

Why Kulnura's Spring Water Stands Out:

Pure and Untouched: Kulnura's spring water is as close to nature's perfection as it gets. Sourced at the very springs that feed it, this water remains untouched by human intervention, ensuring its pristine quality.

Naturally Filtered: As this water journeys through layers of ancient rock and soil, it undergoes a natural filtration process that eliminates impurities, leaving behind a pure and refreshing taste that's truly invigorating.

Mineral-Rich Goodness: Kulnura's spring water isn't just pure; it's also naturally enriched with essential minerals that contribute to its exceptional flavor and potential health benefits.

When you sip from a bottle of Kulnura's spring water, you're experiencing the essence of nature, bottled at its source. It's the perfect way to quench your thirst and savor the pure taste of Australia's finest spring water. Enjoy a refreshing moment with Kulnura, where nature's gift flows pure and true.

Our Bottle

Still Cool is Australia's first 100% Biodegradable bottle, lid, and label.

Our bottles will biodegrade in landfill, leaving no microplastics! It won't happen overnight, but they will biodegrade within years compared to other plastics that take centuries and leave trace plastics in our ecosystem forever.

We are committed to making a difference, and not greenwashing like some brands. Choosing our Bio Bottle will help in reducing our global plastics problem.