WELLRA Red Twin Gear Juicer Pack

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x WELLRA Red Twin Gear Juicer 
  • 1 x WELLOS Green Chopping Board
  • 3 piece Cara ceramic knife set
  • 4 x Emotive Sports Bottles (Peace, Joy, Love, Health)

Wellra Twin Gear Juicer:

Green Juices extracted from the Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer can nourish, replenish, heal and energize the body.

  • BEST for extracting juice from vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens, sprouts, herbs.
  • High juice yield – extremely dry pulp compared to any other juicers including vertical slow juicers.
  • Concentrated & high-quality juices that is rich in nutrients and minerals.
  • Various functions like natural ice cream with frozen fruit, peanut better, meat grinding, coffee grinding.
  • The low-speed motor eliminates oxidation therefore preserving the enzymes.
  • Silent operation and long life
  • Warranty – 20 year warranty on the motor and 2 years on Juicer parts.

A new revolution in slow juicing!

This is an excellent Cold Press Juicer for people who are concerned about their health.
The Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer is designed and developed by the South Korean company Wellra. Wellra manufactures also in OEM twin gear slow juicers for other well-known brands, in the objective to reach and to provide a high level of quality.

With the Wellra Slow Juicer, you will obtain juices containing all the green and healthy substances your body needs! The very powerful system of twin gears with slow extraction makes it possible to crush, grind and extract nutrients and vitamins from vegetables from the hardest to the most fibrous.

A good start for your health!

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer is the best product to begin your health cure, containing fruits and vegetables juices.

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer extracts high quality and clear juice from any kind of ingredient : vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass and leafy greens.

Precision of stainless Twin Gears technology!

Thanks to the precision of the speed of extraction (160 rpm) of its two stainless gears, the Wellra TGJ 50S Slow Juicer makes it possible! Rather than single-gear juicers, you could more easily extract the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, contained in the largest variety of fruits and vegetables, even those most difficult as the wheatgrass, or of fiber rich vegetables, like curly kale and carrots.

WELLOS Chopping Board:

  1. Kidney bean shaped chopping board
  2. Hygienic eco-friendly materials
  3. Great antibacterial activity (99.9%) by natural Phytoncides
  4. Excellent elimination of unpleasant food smells, might remain on surface after cutting
  5. Releases anion and far-infrared ray
  6. Perfect sterilization by one minute heating in microwaves or boiling water
  7. Keeps long-lasting antibacterial activity
  8. Size: 35cm x 25cm

3 Piece Cara Ceramic Knife Set

This Cara Chef Ceramic Knife set does it all and will go together perfectly with your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer.


This Cara Chef Ceramic Knife is perfect for your kitchen. This Ceramic Blade will glide through your food with ease, making your cooking more enjoyable as the light weight relieves strain from your shoulders and arms. The Cara Cutting Knife will not lose its sharpness as the ceramic material is the second hardest material next to diamonds. The Ceramic Chopping Knife will also prevent odours transferring between foods and keeps your kitchen clean and sanitary.


  • Made from Zirconium
  • Made from the second hardest material, keeping your knife sharp and will not wear out
  • Easy grip handle
  • Stops odours transferring from one food to another
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes: 6 inch , 5 inch , 4 inch

4 x Emotive Sports Bottles

Pack includes 4 glass bottles

  • 1 x Today I Choose…Peace
  • 1 x Today I Choose…Joy
  • 1 x Today I Choose…Love
  • 1 x Today I Choose…Health


  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Perfect for hot and cold liquids.

Size and measurements

Mouth: 3.5cm
Bottom: 5.5cm
Height: 24cm
Size: 500ml

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