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Make the Switch for Earth Hour 2021

Make the Switch for Earth Hour 2021

Make the #Switch for Earth Hour this year!

Did you know that Earth Hour is the largest global movement for our planet to raise awareness about the impact of climate change? Millions of people will support this movement by simply switching off their lights on Satuday 27th March at 8:30-9:30PM LOCAL TIME. The #SwitchforNature is a way to support the switch to a renewables-based economy for Australia.

It’s never been a more important time to make the switch now. From individuals to schools, to businesses, millions turn of their power for the hour to be part of the global movement #SwitchforNature.

But did you know that Earth Hour is so much more than just simply switching off your lights at home? It’s about appreciating nature, making simple changes by choosing more environmentally friendly products and promoting green ideas! There are numerous and creative ways in which you can appreciate Earth - whether it be shopping eco-friendly alternatives, reducing plastic consumption, riding a bike, walking, signing a petition to support action on climate change or learning from articles online and educating others - a small switch can really make a big difference for our planet Earth.

At Green Shop Online, we support this global movement wholeheartedly and would like to show our support by encouraging individuals to make small and simple changes in their daily life.

Make your impact and Join Green Shop Online by switching to green eco-friendly products. In light of Earth Hour on the 27th of March, Green shop Online will be doing a  giveaway to show our dedication to creating a greener future! The best way to #SwitchtoGreen is by joining Green Shop Online’s community on Instagram and participating in our #SwitchtoGreen Giveaway!

At Green Shop Online, our way of supporting this movement is not only through our #SwitchToGreen Giveaway, but also through our variety of eco-friendly products that can encourage individuals to reduce their plastic consumption.  Here are 10 product ideas to help you get started!

1) Reusable cups:  Our NEW range of coffee or tea cups are made of premium glass and are easy to take with you when you are on the go!

2) Eco friendly kitchen products: Our kitchen utensils are made of reliable and high quality silicone.

2) Silicone stretch lids: Our set of reusable silicone stretch bowl lids can help you replace your plastic cling wrap!

3) Reusable ziplock bags: Reduce plastic with our reusable food bags which feature an easy zip lock and are made of silicone.

4) Silicone moulds: A wide range of unique baking silicone moulds for your cupcakes, snacks and chocolate treats to also help you reduce plastic waste!

5) Silicone ice cube tray: These silicone ice cube trays make it easier to release your cubes and are flexible, reusable and freezer safe!

6) Metal straws: Replace your plastic straws and make the switch to our reusable and stylish metal straws!

7) Glass jars: Store your foods, overnight oats or meal prep in glass rather than plastic containers!

8) Bamboo collection: Check out our bamboo range, from lunch boxes to roll up utensils to trays and glass bottles with bamboo lids!

9) Lunch bags: Our smart lunch bags are a perfect alternative to your plastic bags!

10) Water bottles: The perfect replacement for your single use plastic bottles is our glass bottles range!

SWITCHING IS SIMPLE with Green Shop Online. Come and join us on instagram to find out what the exciting green giveaway is! 



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