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Cara Water Filter Jug 2.4Ltr

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Note: The water filter is not included in this product.

Product Description:

Experience the pinnacle of pure hydration with the Cara 2.4L Water Filter Jug. Designed to deliver the crispness of freshness and the purity your body deserves, our advanced alkaline water filter revolutionizes your water-drinking experience.

Key Features:

  • Pure Hydration Perfected: Cara's Advanced Alkaline Water Filter enhances the taste of water, making it a joy to drink.

  • Slim Design, Perfect Fit: Our jug features a slim design that easily slides into your fridge's side compartment, ensuring chilled and filtered water is always within reach.
  • No More Black Flakes: Bid farewell to unsightly black flakes in your water, ensuring every sip is clean and refreshing.

  • Filter-Free Convenience: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with no need for replacement filters.

  • Advanced Flow Design: Experience a steady and efficient water flow that keeps you hydrated without interruptions.

  • Higher Capacity Filter: Our jug boasts a higher capacity filter, reducing the frequency of replacements and ensuring a consistent flow of purified water.

  • Better for the Environment: Make an eco-conscious choice with our BPA-free jug that reduces plastic waste and promotes sustainability.

  • Improved Taste: The activated carbon filter, made with coconut carbon, enhances the taste of your water, transforming it into a pure delight.

  • Easy Fitting Instructions: Installing the new filter is a breeze - simply flush it with cold running tap water for 30 seconds, align it with the grooves in the reservoir, and enjoy clean water.

  • Recommended Replacement: For optimal performance, replace the filter every two months.

  • Proudly Made in Korea: Trust in the quality of a product crafted in Korea, known for its excellence in water filtration technology.

Elevate your daily hydration routine with the Cara 2.4L Water Filter Jug, where purity, convenience, and environmental responsibility come together to create an exceptional water-drinking experience.

Product Size: (L)23 x (W)11 x (H)27.5cm