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Gift Box Set by KKOKDAM Variety Flower Tea Stick

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Discover The Enchantment of KKOKDAM Korean Flower Tea Stick Variety Gift Set:

A revolutionary concept marrying the elegance of blooming flowers with the ritual of tea. Crafted with care and creativity, these patented tea sticks bloom into beauty in your cup. Offering Caffeine-free, hand-made delight from Korea. Perfect for gifting or a serene tea experience, embrace a uniqure blend of tradition and innovation with every sip.
Flower Stick Tea by KKOKDAM

Kkokdam Korean Flower Tea Stick Variety Gift Set

Product Includes:

5 Flower Tea Sticks packaged individually in a glass test tube.

    • 1 x Korean Mint Tea Flower Stick
    Korean mint flower tea stick has a refreshing soft taste. It has a cool and refreshing scent like mint that’s why it is called Korean mint tea. It's an excellent choice for a rejuvenating tea experience!
    • 1 x Chrysanthemum Tea Flower Stick

    Chrysanthemum tea, harvested in the heart of autumn, provides a serene and pure flavour, making it a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts of all ages.

    • 2 x Mugwort Tea Flower Sticks

    Mugwort Tea, renowned for its clean and light flavor, it is a favorite among women. Its unique taste ensures that those who have tried it once continue to seek it out.

    • 1 x Siberian Chrysanthemum Tea Flower Stick

    Siberian Chrysanthemum tea, a visually stunning brew, blossoms right in your cup, offering a unique experience. Its rarity is due to the limited harvest season in autumn, making it a truly special offering from Korea.

    Presented in a Luxurious White Gift Box ideal present for any occasion.

    Size Dimensions of Box : 18 x 16 x 2cm
    Weight: 0.2kg
    Expiry: Jan 2026


    KKOKDAM Warm Flower TEA Steps

    🌿 Pour hot water into the teacup to heat and clean the cup

    🌿 Discard the water and put the flower tea stick in the cup  

    🌿 Pour hot water over 95 degrees again (300ml) 

    🌿 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air

    🌿 Please wait for 2~3 minutes

    🌿 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrance of flower tea with your eyes, nose and mouth

    🌿 Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance

    Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance, even if you brew it with 300ml hot water 3 times in a row

    One Flower tea stick can be brewed about 1 litre and it's enough for 3~4 people to enjoy the tea time

    KKOKDAM Cold Flower TEA Steps

    Step 1: Please prepare the original flower tea, a cup, and water.

    Step 2: Place the original flower tea into a cup (250 ml–300 ml) (1–2 large flowers or 1 teaspoon of small flowers).

    Step 3: Pour 150 ml of hot water, boiled to over 95℃, from a pot or an electric kettle.

    Step 4: Cover to retain the heat and wait for 2-3 minutes, preventing the heat from escaping.

    Step 5: Pour the steeped tea into a glass filled with ice.

    Step 6: Enjoy your fragrant, cold flower tea!

    The original flower tea showcases the fundamental beauty of flowers best when brewed in a glass tea cup. Explore our Glass Tea Pot Collection

    Who is Kkokdam

    KKOKDAM was established in Korea in 2016 and is winning the hearts of consumers not only in Korea but also around the world. as of 2022. Flower tea is manufactured by flower tea sommelier experts at a professional manufacturing plant facility, and we continue to research and strive for new recipes for flower tea.

    They produce the Finest flower tea, each cup embodies the essence of pure nature. A Hand-picked natural flower tea for every occasion.

    Cultivated over
120 hours through an exquisite process.  The essence of meticulously crafted KKOKDAM floral tea, where time and nature intertwine harmoniously.

    Delicate, by-hand cultivation from flowers blooming in South Korea