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Street Guardian Digital Speed Display (OBD Type)

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Introducing the Digital Speed Display (OBD Type) by Street Guardian

Elevate your driving experience with the Street Guardian Auxiliary display. This innovative device is engineered to serve as an additional, easily readable speed display while offering an array of extra convenience and safety enhancements. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply seeking a smarter way to drive, the digital speed display is your ideal automotive companion.

Key Features:

1. Speed Alert: Maintain safe speeds effortlessly with the integrated speed alert feature. Set your desired speed limit, and the display will notify you if you exceed it, ensuring a safer journey.

2. RPM Alert: Keep your engine in check with the RPM alert function. Monitor your engine's revolutions per minute (RPM) and receive alerts if you push it too hard, helping you preserve your vehicle's performance.

3. Voltage Alert: Stay ahead of battery issues with real-time voltage monitoring. The SGOBDAD will alert you to any voltage fluctuations, allowing you to address potential problems promptly.

4. Coolant Temp Alert: Keep tabs on your engine's temperature. The display provides coolant temperature alerts, helping you avoid overheating and engine damage.

5. Auto Brightness: Enjoy optimal visibility day or night. The display automatically adjusts its brightness according to ambient light conditions, ensuring clear readability in all circumstances.

6. Manual Brightness Control: Personalize your display with ease using manual brightness control. Tailor it to match your driving conditions and preferences effortlessly.

7. Selectable Display Colors: Express your style and match your vehicle's interior with selectable display colors. Choose from a range of options to make the display uniquely yours.

8. Auto Power Off: Save energy effortlessly with the auto power-off feature. The SGOBDAD powers down when not in use, contributing to a more efficient driving experience.

9. Compatible with Most OBDII and EUOBD Formats: The display is designed to work seamlessly with the majority of OBDII and EUOBD formats, ensuring broad compatibility across various vehicle models.

Elevate your driving safety and convenience with the Street Guardian Digital Speed Display. Enjoy enhanced control, stay informed, and customize your driving experience to your liking. With its versatile features and user-friendly operation, it's the perfect addition to any vehicle.

Invest in your driving experience today. Acquire the display by Street Guardian and drive smarter, safer, and with added personalization.


*** You have the option to schedule a professional installation for the system. Simply contact us to arrange your installation appointment. ***