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Cheese and Wine Boards Inspiration

Cheese and Wine Boards Inspiration

We all know that cheese is pretty awesome all by itself, but serving it on a stunning charcuterie board makes the experience of eating cheese and crackers even more delicious, exciting and EASY!

It’s time to whip out your favourite timber wooden charcuterie board to create an amazing spread of creamy or gouda cheese, vegetables, crackers and olives! Charcuterie boards are the perfect addition to your home / kitchen. It allows everyone to gather, get comfortable and enjoy good company while eating delicious food!

Looking for a gorgeous charcuterie board to arrange your creations? Look no further! Green Shop has exactly what you need to bring to big or small parties or for your own healthy kitchen! What we love about our boards is that we have a variety of shapes, styles and sizes for your needs!

What’s great is that there are no rules to follow when designing your own charcuterie board, simply add your favourite cheeses, olives, nuts, fruit jam, spreads, fresh seasonal fruit, sweets, chocolate and plain sturdy Crackers! This combination makes the board unique and visually pleasing!

Step up your presentation and prepare something special for your friends or family today (that’s also instagram-worthy). We’ve rounded up our best charcuterie boards and essentials to shop and discover below.

Charcuterie Boards

1. Serving Board - Extra Large | Sale 29.95

A go to cheese board for your next big party! or for a big family at home! Not only is it an elegant serving board, but is the perfect rectangular size for big dinners, picnics or just for home. It’s reversible, handy and amazing quality! The perfect addition to your kitchen top!

2. Extra Large Pizza Paddle Serving Board | Sale $24

Made for your delicious home made pizzas! Elegant, Reversible with a perfect handle to easily serve to your guests. What's great about this style is it's large and unique shape and classy edge. Premium quality is a must for an excellent charcuterie board and this pizza board definitely delivers just that! Get yourself a convenient and large charcuterie board to bring to parties or even just for home to enjoy!

3. Acacia Wood Pizza Serving Board (Standard)

Whether you have a small assortment of cheeses for a party or are putting a standard charcuterie board for a small gathering, this standard sized board provides a perfect canvas for your next mouth-watering presentation. Crafted in Acacia Wood, the board comes in a natural light brown modern vibe.

4. Acacia Wood Antipasto and Pizza Serving Board | $24

It says it all in the title, perfect for Antipasto spread or Pizza and so much more! 
This serving board is versatile, a perfect medium size, convenient to carry and also has an e
levated organic vibe that’s truly stunning.

5. Small Acacia Wood Cheese Board | $7.95

The favourite go to small board! If you're just looking for a modern and small board for your cheese and wine nights, look no further! This board is easy, Small, Modern, Sturdy and Durable, exactly what you need! You can also use this board to serve your avo toast for breakfast, some fresh fruit, snacks and so much more!

6. Acacia Wood Antipasto and Pizza Serving Board | $24

Not only is this serving board multi-purpose, but also has the perfect colour and texture, making it an elegant cheese board! It's sophisticated shape, thickness and handle makes it a chic centrepiece for a table. It's convenient handle, durability and rustic look is a bonus!

6. Acacia Wood Antipasto and Pizza Serving Board with string | $16

Not only is the price of this serving board attractive, but also it's light natural wood colour. Crafted in Acacia Wood, this board is durable and the perfect size when serving your cheese and crackers to your guests! Similar to our other serving boards, it's handle makes it convenient to hold and it's string makes it easy to hang on your wall! 

7. Acacia Wood Antipasto and Pizza Serving Board with string | $14.95

Don't we all just love an easy round pizza board? Get creative with this multi-purpose pizza serving board! Perfect for your cheeses, pizzas, snacks and even your drinks for your guests! What's great about this board is it's premium quality Acacia Wood and modern look. It's thickness makes it sturdy and easy to hold when going around serving your food!

8. Eco friendly Tropical Hardwood Serving Board | $9

One of our best serving boards at such an amazing deal! The perfect size and style to bring to your picnics, dinners or even for home. Get all your cheeses, dips and vegetables ready for this handy, reversible, environmentally friendly and elegant serving board. It's Environmentally Friendly Tropical Hardwood is a light-coloured medium-density tropical hardwood obtained from the Pará rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). What's great is that the wood design is extremely durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for use in any kitchen. Bonus points to this board is that it also helps prevent knives going blunt and contains grooves on each side to collect liquids!

To discover more of our range: Visit our collection here.

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