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Ready to Discover the Essence of Nature with KKoKDAM Flower Tea?

Ready to Discover the Essence of Nature with KKoKDAM Flower Tea?

KKOKDAM has become a beacon of excellence in flower tea since its inception in 2016, offering an authentic taste of Korea's natural beauty to tea lovers worldwide. 

Discover the Essence of Nature with KKoKDAM Flower Tea
Here's why KKOKDAM stands out:

  • Expertise and Innovation: Tea sommelier experts craft each blend, utilizing a professional manufacturing process and continuous research for new recipes.
  • Pure Nature in Every Cup: Each tea is a reflection of nature, hand-picked and cultivated over 120 hours to ensure the finest quality.
  • Sustainability and Tradition: Sourced from South Korea, their teas promote traditional cultivation methods and brewing ceremonies.

Tradition Meets Modernity: The KKOKDAM Experience

KKOKDAM invites you to a journey through traditional Korean tea ceremonies, emphasizing the serenity and mindfulness of tea preparation and enjoyment:

  • Meaningful Ceremonies: Embrace the calming process of brewing, a tradition believed to alleviate worries and stress.
  • The Art of Preparation: Learn the steps to crafting the perfect cup, from selecting the right water temperature to preheating your cup for enhanced aroma and taste.

KKOKDAM's Original Flower Tea Collection

Explore the diverse and aromatic world of KKOKDAM's original flower teas, each offering unique benefits and flavors:

  • Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Mugwort, and More: A selection of eight popular flavors, each with its own character, from the soothing Chrysanthemum to the refreshing Mugwort.
  • Specialty Teas: Discover special brews like the Siberian Chrysanthemum, available only during specific seasons.

The Signature Flower Tea Stick

Experience convenience without compromise with KKOKDAM's Flower Tea Stick, perfect for both warm and cold brewing:

  • Four Enchanting Flavors: Choose from a variety of flavors for an easy and luxurious tea experience.
  • Simplicity and Quality: Enjoy the full essence of flower tea with a simple brewing process, recommended by KKOKDAM for optimal taste.

Pure and Natural

KKOKDAM's commitment to purity ensures a genuine tea experience:

  • No Additives or Artificial Flavorings: Enjoy the natural beauty and taste of flower tea, recommended to be rinsed before the first drink to ensure cleanliness.
  • Practical Storage: Conveniently store your tea at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, for up to 24 months.

Enhance Your Tea Experience

Embrace the tranquility and tradition of KKOKDAM flower tea. Each cup is an invitation to experience the serene beauty of nature, carefully crafted for your enjoyment. Discover your favorite blend today and step into the world of traditional Korean tea ceremonies with KKOKDAM.

KKOKDAM Flower Tea


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