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Replace plastic with GSO's Reusable Straws

Replace plastic with GSO's Reusable Straws

Replace your plastic straws and choose from GSO's Reusable Range of Metal, Silicone & Glass Straws.

With an increase in plastic pollution and the growing concerns in global warming and climate change, we must take action in switching to healthier alternatives to reduce the harmful impacts of plastic. According to Environmental Health News, we're producing – and discarding – almost 360 million tons a year. It's time that we all work together and collectively reduce landfull, pollution and promote healthier alternatives to benefit everyone.

plastic bottles on netIf you are wondering what is the best and most eco friendly material to use for your straws, you're at the right place. You can choose from our Glass, Metal or Silicone Reusable straws.

For elegance and style, we recommend our glass straws which come in multiple colourways.

For casual and easy use,
our silicone straws are colourful and flexible perfect for kid's parties and fun occasions.

If you are after something more timeless and versatile, your best option will be our metal straws which are strong and durable.

All Glass, Metal and Silicone straws are:

Eco friendly and Reusable 
Join the reuse revolution to help reduce plastic pollution!

Durable and Long lasting
You can now enjoy your drink longer.

Perfect for the outdoors, picnics, camping and travelling!

Reduce the harmful impacts of plastic.

Bold and stylish 
The perfect eco gift to promote environmentally friendly products!

If you've reached the end of this post and are interested in investing in Reusable
straws. Shop below:

Shop Elegant Glass Straws.

Shop Durable Metal Straw Sets.

Shop Flexible and Colourful Silicone Straw Set.

Shop HERE to discover the entire range of reusable straws!

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