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Eco friendly ways to store your food!

Eco friendly ways to store your food!

Plastic Pollution is a widespread global issue that negatively affects the natural habitats of wildlife, humans and the health of all life forms. One of the significant contributors to climate change, Plastic contains a harmful chemical called BPA  which has the potential to end up in the food and water supply.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid using plastic. It's not just the chemicals, the pollution in the oceans and waterways, but most importantly the impact on human and aquatic life especially when plastic is not disposed correctly. On a positive note, Together, we can change and make a positive impact, one product at a time.

The best solution to fight plastic pollution is to choose GREEN and ensure that the products you purchase value ethics, health and the environment. Most importantly, it is best to share your knowledge, tips and promote your own products with your friends and family to encourage them to incorporate environmentally friendly products in their daily lives. Collectively, our simple and small, yet effective changes can truly make a difference in this world.

There are many reusable and eco friendly alternatives to store your food and drinks that avoid the use of plastic. Green Shop Online has put together a list of eco friendly and sustainable products to store your food and drinks that can replace your plastic products. Choose Reusable and Buy smarter to eliminate plastics! 

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1) 1L Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Lid
Made with Borosilicate Glass which can be used for hot, cold or to freeze juice! This stainless steel lid has a silicon seal for leak proof confidence! Perfect bottle to replace your single use plastic bottles! 

2) 420ml Tea Bottle with Bamboo Lid
Double wall glass bottle with Stainless Steel tea infuser, Neoprene sleeve & Bamboo lid. The perfect accessory for your juicing needs.

3) Roll up Bamboo Cutlery 
Say no to plastic cutlery and Replace it with this beautiful set of bamboo cutlery that fits perfectly in it's cotton roll up pouch. Easily Throw it in your bag and take it everywhere you go! They are perfect for picnics, work / school lunches.

4) Reusable Silicone Food Bags 15 Pack (S/M/L)
These reusable silicone food bags are perfect for packing work or school lunches and snacks, keeping your fruits and vegetables cool in the fridge, bringing to family picnics, movies, bbq’s, meal prep, juicing ingredients and easy food storage.

5) Silicon Food Bowl covers
Protect your food and keep them fresh for longer with this set of reusable round bowl covers! They stretch and fit over round containers and even over round foods like your half eaten oranges! It is a perfect alternative to cling wrap as they seal nicely.

6) BPA Free Reusable Smart Bags 
Reusable smart bags are carefully constructed from BPA-free, food safe material that maintains freshness, crispness and better taste. Designed to be leak-proof and airtight.

7) Pickling Glass Jars - 12 pack:
Store your foods, make some candles or drink some juice with these multi purpose glass jars!

If you reached the end of this blog, we hope you learnt something new! Happy Shopping Green Shop Family!

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