Buzz with the Bees – Healing Cream Balm (50g)

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A Buzz from the Bees’ Healing Balms are created from their traditional family recipe based on a unique combination of high activity Jarrah honey, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax.

Our Healing Balms provide a moisturising and protective barrier on skin, and is typically used to alleviate conditions such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin, and may also be used by individuals who typically suffer extremely dry skin or friction damage to exposed skin. We have also received testimonials of our balms effectively treating burns, rashes and various skin conditions, including ichthyosis and eczema. 

Our Healing Balms are TGA tested and approved as a Class 1 Medical Device (ARTG 184416), meaning they satisfy a set of Essential Principles to do with health and safety, confirmation of health benefits, design and construction.

- Net Weight: 50g
- Storage: Cool, dry place, away from sunlight

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