Connected – A PARADIGM SHIFT in how we view health

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HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU REALLY? What you know about being well, is all about to change.

You might be fit or lean, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re well. Furthermore, a healthy body looks different on every person.

We are built to thrive, wired to be well, born to heal, but even with the best medical practices, we still have dis-ease that becomes disease. How on earth did we get so disconnected?

This book explains the difference between allopathy (medical model) and wellness. One is proactive and holistic and the other is reactive and mechanistic in its approach. We need both, but knowing when and how your body works to heal, when you give it the right environment, is key.

Throughout health history, we’ve been taught there’s a pill for every ill, but the power to be well lies in you. Reclaim your power to heal because you are the healer and the practitioner is the catalyst.

Understand chiropractic and epigenetics with the latest information and research. Learn about assimilation of nutrition. Have better quality conversations with your health practitioners and understand that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (W.H.O definition)

Address the cause, not just the symptoms.

Let’s change the way you age, build immunity and start living a better quality of life, naturally

At age 48, best selling author and wellness expert Andi Lew is is a product of what she teaches with 29 years experience.

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Andi Lew’s 8th book NOW AVAILABLE!

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