Whistling kettle 2.75 LTR (stainless steel)

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However, with a few tea brewing tips, you can easily make the perfect cup of tea. The most significant factor is the water you use. It should be pure with no additives or odours. Moreover, the water should be heated slowly just to boiling point since over-boiled water effects the tea quality.

This is the very reason why FISSMAN has launched a new FIONA kettle series made from high quality stainless-steel. The advantages over other kettles are apparent: they don’t cause the water to taste or smell unpleasant.

The encapsulated base ensures high heat conductivity therefore water boils faster. The stainless-steel kettle FIONA from FISSMAN is a useful addition to your kitchen that will meet your needs for comfort, warmth and satisfaction.


  • 1 x Whistling kettle 2.75 LTR (stainless steel) 
  • Glass lids (stainless steel) and mirror outside
  • FISSMAN Brand - 
    • Series FIONA
  • Main material: High Quality Stainless Steel - 
    • Steel grade18/10 (INOX 304)
  • Durable 

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