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Everything you need to know about Vacuum Blending

What is vacuum blending and is it worth the hype? 

Well, for starters – vacuum blending is really a thing. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen, or had experience with cooking, knows that when we vacuum seal food, we take the air out of it which means the food is preserved and tastes better because the moisture is locked into it, and we don’t have the air (or oxygen) breaking it down.  

By removing the air from your food, you retain the flavour, texture and moisture (just how nature intended), which means it not only tastes better, but it also looks better – and the old truth that ‘we eat first with our eyes’ – certainly makes it important to be able to create and retain vivid colours when you bring foods together in a blender.

It also means that we save time and money because we can use vacuum blending to use up any old leafy greens (as an example) and then freeze them to use later on – maybe in a smoothie, a breakfast bowl or even in a dip! 

Not only that, but when you make a smoothie under vacuum technology, you can safely store your smoothie in the fridge to drink later on, without any discolouration, change to taste or loss of nutrients! 

So, having the ability to vacuum and then blend food, well, that’s taking your blending to a whole other level – so, let’s explore some of the features available. 

Important things to consider 

As we all know, a blender is mostly used for making smoothies, dips, soups and nut mylks – but, what’s important to look for when you choose a vacuum blender? 

Well, for starters, you want to make sure the vacuum does what it says it does – vacuums. So, make sure the seals are airtight and it sits safe and sturdy on your benchtop, the last thing you want is a blender on walk-about! 

The other thing to consider, is ‘how noisy is it?’ Blenders need a really powerful motor that is strong enough to handle frozen fruits, fresh vegetables, ice and nuts, but you want to make sure you are not waking up your whole household when you are making your breakfast or drowning out conversation as you get dinner ready. 

Whilst, Vacuum Blending technology might be relatively new technology, vacuum sealing technology has been around for decades. We all know and understand that when you vacuum seal something, it keeps it fresher for longer and so, this is the whole premise of a Vacuum Blender – fresher, longer! 

At Green Shop Online, we use and promote the Kuvings Vacuum Blender. 


For lots of reasons, but mainly because it is the best vacuum blender on the market, and it does what it says it does! 

Here’s what you get: 

  • More nutrition 
  • More enzymes 
  • Finer & Smoother texture 
  • Brighter, more vivid colours 
  • Longer lasting  
  • Better taste 
  • Less oxidation 
  • Less foam 
  • Less noise 

Which Vacuum Blender model is right for you? 

So, let’s have a look at the two models and the difference between our two models and how do you know which one will suit your needs best? 

Here’s a quick comparison of our two models: 

SV400 – RRP $799 

This is our latest technology and comes in a range of colours (Red, White, Black, Grey). It has auto-cleaning and auto-heating functions with a 1 litre jug capacity. Tumblers are not included with this model, but they can be purchased separately (RRP $59 each). It is slightly smaller than the SV500, so it takes up less room on the bench.  

SV500 – RRP $999 

This is the previous model and comes in silver only. It has manual-cleaning and manual-heating functions, but it has a slightly larger 1.3 litre jug capacity than its predecessor. Two tumblers are included with this model which is really handy for keeping your blends fresh in the fridge. It has a slightly larger footprint on the bench which is due to a larger casing around the motor to give it  more airflow around the motor so it can be used for longer periods of time (and in a commercial sense). 

Model Comparison 

Watch and listen to the Kuvings Master Juice Chef, Gary Dowse explain the difference between the two models: 


Vacuum Blender Comparison from Kuvings Australia on Vimeo.

 What can you do in a Vacuum Blender? 

There is so much you can use your Vacuum Blender for. It’s not just a fancy appliance to make your morning smoothie (though, it can certainly do that!), it’s a ‘Healthy Kitchen’ appliance that you will want to make room for on your bench to use daily. 

Here’s a little taste of what a Kuvings Vacuum Blender can be used for: 

Make and Store Delicious Smoothies 


Make Your Own Almond Mylk

Blend and Freeze for Later 


Create Cool & Healthy Ice Blocks 

Make Healthy Breakfast Bowls  

Delicious and Nutritious Soup 

Easy Falafels


Make Simple Dips  


A whole world of deliciousness awaits you! 

As you can see, when it comes to Vacuum Blending, you are only limited by your imagination! This appliance is a great addition to any household, especially if you like to save time and money.  

And, if you like to enjoy a daily smoothie, you can simply do all of your preparation on a Sunday, ahead of your busy week and simply grab and go! 

Now, that’s what I call ‘smart technology’.  

Visit our Blender page to find out more. 

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