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Borosilicate Glass Bottles

Why we LOVE Borosilicate Glass and why you should too!

Why Green Shop loves Borosilicate Glass!

First of all, Borosilicate glass is a special kind of glass which incorporates two chemicals in high concentration:  boron trioxide and silica. These safe and environmentally-friendly chemicals make borosilicate glass more heat resistant than other forms of glass.

Not only is Borosilicate Glass safe to drink from, but plays a big role in improving sustainability as it keeps plastic waste out of landill which is good for our planet. As we are all aware, Plastic Pollution is an huge environmental issue we should all collaboratively be working on improving!

Today, Green Shop will cover the amazing benefits and reasons as to why you should also LOVE and CHOOSE Borosilicate Glass material when purchasing your own glassware or products.

Benefit 1: Temperature Range and Resistance

Not only does it have a strong resistance to temperature but an additional benefit within temperature allowance is the ability for borosilicate glass to be used by two different temperatures at the same time making It perfect for your warm and cold beverages! In fact, Did you know that borosilicate glass has the ability to go straight from a freezer to an oven rack without cracking. For you, this means you can pour boiling hot water into borosilicate glass without worrying about cracking the glass.

Benefit 2: Visibility and Transparency
Borosilicate Glass offers a clear and smooth surface showing what is inside, making it easy to see what you are drinking or eating. 

Benefit 3: Easy to Clean
The anti-stick, nonporous surface makes borosilicate glass a fantastic material.  And its transparency allows you to see when equipment needs to be cleaned.

Benefit 4.  Affordability
Glass is in fact relatively economical to produce and and what's better is that it's an affordable solution.  Its sustainability element is an additional factor that adds to its affordability; with proper maintenance, cleaning and care, your glass equipment can have a sustainable and long life.

Benefit 5. Superior and Durable
Yes, that's right, choose durable over single use plastic bottles. Borosilicate Glass is highly durable. The higher manufacturing temperatures also make the glass much stronger. If you drop borosilicate glass on the floor, and it won’t break like regular glass.

Benefit 6: Environmentally-friendly
Having a good water bottle can help you meet and maintain adequate hydration.  An added bonus is what you taste is exactly what you would expect, there are no chemicals leaching in or changing the taste of your beverage. If drinking from a glass bottle isn’t for you, storing your water in a borosilicate glass pitcher is a great alternative.

Benefit 7: Take with you when travelling
Perfect for picnics, outdoor trips, travels and sports events, your Borosilicate Glass Bottles will keep you safe and well hydrated!

To summarise, Glass bottles made of borosilicate glass are far more durable, better for the environment, and can hold up to changing temperatures, making it super safe and easy to use! By choosing a product made with eco-friendly and high quality borosilicate glass, you can be confident in the quality and longevity of the products!

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