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The new trend: Outdoor and Indoor Soaking Bathtubs

The new trend: Outdoor and Indoor Soaking Bathtubs

Looking for some relaxing ideas to add to your lockdown activities list? Look no further, Green Shop’s best selling bathtubs are a must-have for any home. Specifically designed for outdoor or indoor use, there is no question as to why Green Shop’s baths have increased in popularity and demand, especially during lockdown season here in Australia.

These are not your regular inflatable bath tubs. It’s the new foldable and portable bathtubs that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, for example camping.

There’s just nothing like a long soak in the tub and thankfully our fold away bath tubs are now here for you to enjoy a bath whenever and wherever you like!

The 7 main reasons why our baths are best-selling include:

1) Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Green Shop’s bath tubs are fantastic for relaxation, rejuvenation and have substantial health benefits when combined with salts or other supplements. If you want to take a further step, you can add in natural elements or plants to create a relaxing ambience while you enjoy a bath. Whether it be inspired by a tropical day or a fresh winter’s night, you can immerse yourself in a personal sanctuary with fresh air, natural scenery, sunlight or moonlight all in the comfort of your own home.

2) Modern and Innovative Design
It’s unique structural design, surrounding lock temperature design, continuous cycle insulation and bathtub cover helps it maintain the water temperature to up to an hour. Also it’s versatility and modern design makes it perfect for any space, small areas like an apartment, outdoor backyard and for camping too!

3) Simplicity and Ease
The bath is simple and easy to clean and use due to it’s one-step folding process which makes it convenient for transportation and space saving at home.

4) Perfect for any season
Whether you want to stay warm in winter or cool in summer, Green Shop’s outdoor bathtubs can help you relax in any season! Whether it’s a soak in the evening with a glass of champagne or a splash during a hot summer, it’s versatility is a bonus feature.

5) It’s Safe and Top quality
Made from TPE and PPE material, it’s material is also thick, soft, environmentally friendly and odour-free.

6) For all ages and even your pets!
The great advantage of Green Shop’s baths is that they can be enjoyed by all ages and even pets! Children or pets who want a splash can make as much mess as they want! During the summer months, it’ll be their favourite item to use in the garden as a mini plunge pool even!

7) Spacious and Suitable for Outdoors or Indoors
Perfect for a bubble bath, You can stretch freely in the water and is big enough for any age. Our portable bathtubs are suitable for indoors or outdoors, making them the perfect solution for people looking to install their very own bath tub for luxury lockdown living.

Not only are the baths unique and at a bargain price online, but we also have many happy customers and positive reviews that make our jobs at Green Shop more fulfilling! Relax and rejuvenate with the trending outdoor and indoor bathtub. Shop Adult or small sized baths HERE at Green shop Online.

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