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Smart Food Storage Options For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Smart Food Storage Options For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Are you looking for more sustainable and smarter alternatives to single use plastic food storage? If you’ve already made a start or looking to begin creating an eco-friendlier kitchen and home, you might be looking for smarter ways to store your food using sustainable and healthy materials. This isn’t always easy, but you can always start by making small conscious choices, one food storage purchase at a time.

At Green Shop, we want to inspire and help you understand that it really comes down to the small choices you make. It’s all about finding products that are more durable and sustainable that cause no harm to you or the environment.

A sustainable home and kitchen must have eco-friendly and zero to low waste food storage solutions.  The best way to start is to Swap out single-use items for the reusable ones. Not only will it be safer, but also better for the planet and usually your wallet in the long-run.

With an ever-growing amount of zero and low waste food storage options available online, it can be quite overwhelming or difficult to navigate through all the ideas. That’s why Green Shop has curated a product guide that lists all the recommended reusable food storage options as well as what the products are best used for.

Before we dive into the list. I want to emphasise the importance of food storage materials.  As you may find online, the healthiest and most sustainable food storage options consist of glass, silicone and stainless steel. It’s important for you to recognise this when shopping around looking for healthier alternatives to plastic.

Let’s discuss Glass. Glass is non-porous, which means that they won’t leech any chemicals into the food as glass is chemically inert. It also won’t absorb food odours or flavours. The benefit of using Glass food storage solutions is that it’s easily recyclable, can work in both high and cold temperatures and at most times are microwave and dishwasher safe. However, Glass is a heavy weight and must have some sort of protection like a sleeve when drinking warm beverages or eating hot food.

Examples of fantastic Glass Food Storage Solutions at Green Shop include:

1) Glass Mason Food Jars:
A versatile and low waste alternative and perfect for refrigerating and freezing vegetables, juices or smoothies, soups, jams, kombucha, nut butters and so on. It’s also a great way to organise your nuts, dry goods or liquids in your pantry or fridge.

2) Premium Borosilicate Glass Bottles:
It’s no question that plastic is widely used for single use water bottles. It’s about time that people join the reusable revolution and choose Reusable and Durable Glass Bottles instead! Not only will this choice save you money in the long run, but can also encourage you to stay hydrated more. Perfect for bringing to the gym, school, uni and for everyday use. At Green Shop, you can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

Now Let’s discuss Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is not only easy to clean but is a long lasting material, can withstand both cold and hot temperatures and is highly resistant when you compare it to plastic or glass even. However because of this, it does mean that it is more expensive, however more sustainable and therefore a great investment.

Examples of fantastic Stainless Steel products at Green Shop:

1) Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Sets with Pouches:
Believe it or not, plastic straws contribute a lot more than you think to plastic pollution. Have you ever noticed that plastic straws are the ones that always end up at the top 10% of items collected at beach clean ups? Every time you choose a reusable straw whether it be stainless steel, glass, or silicone, that’s one less straw in our oceans and environment.  An interesting fact is that glass straws are perfect for people with sensitive teeth. They are also more elegant and stylish
and should be used by more people!

2) Stainless steel lids for Glass Bottles
Almost all Glass Bottles at Green Shop feature a stainless steel lid which delivers 100% leak proof quality and confidence.

Let’s discuss Silicone. Silicone, the long lasting and easy to clean material is still made from plastics, therefore is not the most sustainable food storage option, however it’s a better choice than regular plastic. According to experts and research it is typically regarded as safe and lasts longer too. Silicone also works well as a lining in food storage containers, but the most important thing to remember is to choose “Food-Grade” Silicone when purchasing any silicone food container.

Examples of great Silicone Food Storage Solutions at Green Shop Include:

1) Reusable Silicone Food Containers / Bento Boxes
For durable, 100% plastic-free storage, silicone is always part of the list. Replace single use plastic food containers and choose reusable and durable silicone food bento boxes! Not only are they light in weight, BPA Free Silicone, 100% Leak Proof and Air-tight but are also collapsible in terms of height, how awesome!

2) Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Instead of using plastic zip lock bags or cling wrap, say hello to Green Shop’s reusable silicone food storage bags. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours. This item is best for packing work or school snacks, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, meal prep, organising juicing ingredients in the fridge or pantry foods, taking to outdoor trips and picnics, movies and so on!
These are 100% Food Grade Silicone bags so are definitely a healthier alternative to single use plastic bags!

3) Silicone Food Cover Stretch Lids
Silicone stretch lids are the new cling wraps! In fact, it’s the crowd’s favourite. Protect your food and keep them fresher for longer! Not only are they flexible for a range of bowl sizes but are also Leak proof, airtight and so easy to fit on plates, bowls, round fruit and so much more!

Invest In Quality and sustainable food storage solutions today! What's your favourite food storage solution? Let us know below!



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