Commercial Orange Peeler

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Catering Machine for peeling fruits and vegetables. Made in Spain.

Pieces per minute 8 aprox.
Voltage 220/240 V
Dimensions 29 x 21,5 x 31 cm
Net weight 7,5 Kg
Consumption 72 W

The Commercial Orange Peeler – Hosteleria is an excellent solution for peeling processes that requite quantity optimization. This can be used in a industrial or household application achieving the same efficient productivity.

The Commercial Orange Peeler – Hosteleria is a great advantage in sectors such as Juice/ Smoothie Bars, Fruit processing, Catering , Restaurants and School dinning services as well as residences where a high volume of fruits and vegetables are consumed.

General Features:

  • Orange Peel speed, efficiency, simplicity
  • Allows quick and safe cleaning
  • Peel any fruit and vegetable spherical and oval shaped
  • Cylinder with three pronged (trident) to hold fruits and food
  • Cylinder with positioned (probe tube) to adjust the thickness of the cutting blade
  • Full manual included in the package
  • Cable Connection
  • Material guaranteed Pelamatic

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